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Pursue the highest risk opportunities and make smart defensive registrations and monitor your brand domains.

Brand Research & Management
$499 / month

Our Brand Research & Management Plan allows you run 5 one-time reports per month. Designed for brand managers and legal professionals who want to generate reports for their clients. More capacity is available upon request.

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    One time reports with all features in the "Business" package.
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    5 pro reports per month.
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    Credits carry over if unused.
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Brand Protection & Monitoring
$ 99 / year

Get rich data on typos of your domain through our Pro Report with our malware, traffic, advertising, and predictive signals. You'll get monthly updates with newly registered typos and detected changes across all signals.

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    Learn how your brands typos are being used.
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    Find out who is using your domain in 50+ TLDs of if it's available.
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    Discover Malware Signals on typos of your domain and act quickly.
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    See Traffic Signals on your typos so you know where to start investigating.
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    Check Advertising Signals to see how your typos are being used.
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    Look to the future and consider defensive registrations based on our Predictive Signals.
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    Get an updated report every month including any newly registered typos, traffic changes, and detected malware.
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Monitoring updates every month!
Custom & API Access
  • Get in touch with us to talk about larger plans or Enterprise API access.
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"A tremendously powerful revenue generation tool for lawyers and very helpful for brand managers."

Zak Muscovitch
Zak Muscovitch
Brand Analysis and Monitoring

See how your brand is being (ab) used.

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