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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Learn about typo domains, brand protection, and products in our FAQ.

Who should care about typos?
Everyone with brand built on a domain name. There are many reasons you might care about typos of your domain, however we've highlight a few core areas through our Signals:

Malware/Phishing - Typos of your domain may be used to phish for data on your users, install malware, or disseminate spam.

Traffic - New users, loyal customers, and visitors responding to your marketing may be ending up somewhere other than your brand when they are trying to navigate to it.

Advertising - There may be infringing advertising on typos of your domain and/or you may even be purchasing traffic directly from typos of your own domain. It may also be a secondary signal that a domain name is receiving traffic.

Predictive - Especially if you brand is new, you may want to think about which domain typos are highest risk and where possible make defensive registrations. Predictive signals can also help you decide which domains to investigate when there is no other data available from other signals.
How do you generate and rank typos?
We use a sophisticated machine learning algorithm combined with an advanced AI trained on human typing mistakes from over 3 billion samples. provides you with a powerful toolset.  Our typo generator’s ranking algorithm spiders the typo domains looking at their use from the point of view of your customer and factors in malware, advertising, traffic, and proprietary predictive signals.
What's the difference between the Free Report and the Pro report?
The Free Report gives you a summary of our analysis of some of the typos of your domain. It shows you how many domains we found containing some of the major signals we use such as advertising, malware, and traffic. The Pro report contains all of that plus our predictive analysis, with detail and the full list of domains visible (including more than 60 more TLDs). You'll get a sortable list of all of the typos we generated (each with full details on all of our signals), a PDF report summary, and free refreshes of your Pro report any time we add new signals. You can see a sample of the PDF download here for
Why are you showing domains I already own as Medium or High Risk?
A domain name receiving a Medium or High Risk score just means it warrants your attention first. If you already own it, that's great, don't drop it. We are working on something to get better at detecting this but ultimately we can't authoritatively know what domain names you own. For this reason we flag any domain name when we detect a signal on it and leave it up to you to investigate and decide what to do.

Additionally, we try to provide you with some indication of what's going on with a domain by showing you if it's registered, the nameservers, the IP, and if we've detected advertising or traffic signals on the domain. That data will likely quickly tell you if you already own the domain or if you may want to investigate further.